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2013 Toyota Highlander Limited Review

I made this is Ryan lane over the grains trio data SO read in court about the 2013 Toyota Highlander limited and I wouldn’t want do is do a quick walk around in the vehicle. To show you some of the key features again it’s in the blizzard world color. And yeah that was a cruel color chance 26 press it’s.

2013 Toyota Highlander Limited

See the integrated full blown aids. Real good tires on it. Does have the smart key system what that means when you walk up to it. Cincinnati And unlocked yourself a 4 way just we’ll see on this site a way on the other side down the driver’s side. If the 3 rows there. Exceedingly ceilings folded down back there plus JBL stereo system so top notch 0 your rear AC controls. It’s good to look on the driver’s side. We do that so it’s right there which is great. Only 15 year reddit 53000 miles so low morale.

salon Toyota Highlander

It’s really a sin radio will show. Soon that stores get Pandora being no charge up. The standard backup camera and see it’s kind in the sky there is a thing there’s his you know it’s great when it’s a big. All right and Bluetooth on the steering wheel all the goodies yes be an absolute bore AC adapter right there. So anyway let me know what you think and you can reach me bank directly at 706. The P 029197 Ryan later range through every great. More info headlights for 2013 Toyota Highlander Limited read at

2008 Toyota Tundra – Drive and review

June 2008 last month to Toyota models outsold the mega selling Ford F series, pickup truck neither of those models was this one. The Toyota Tundra full size pickup. Plato spent untold resources making the tundra competitive with the other guys for 2007 just in time for the bottom to drop out of the pickup truck market now if you’re still gonna buy a pick up truck can you really need one it’s more important never to get a really good, one so I will give you a few hid headlights for Toyota Tundra of this truck help you figure out, if this is the one that is right for you my sense is that they might not be, now for years and years Toyota kicked.

Domestic manufacturers bots in terms of interior quality I don’t see it anymore it’s not to say the quality isn’t good in the tundra it is but it’s not better than what you get in the fords and the GM is now one thing I loved in the tundra when it first came out first truck with a backup camera. Now in addition to helping you when you’re backing up which is important this is the trailer hitch right here you can actually attach a trailer by yourself if you have this camera it comes with the navigation system it cost, a couple grand you can also get a backup camera for a little bit less now even though this is, a double cab that’s the middle of 3 capsizes the doors open forward which means you don’t open the front door first it’s easy to get in. And once I’m in here. I have, Funny legroom even with the front seat all way back I’m 6 feet tall if you get a crew Max that’s the larger capsize the crew cab you get another 10 inches of legroom the seats recline this lie back and forth now that’s nice if you’re going on a road trip and all but the question is with gas prices where they are.

Some gonna buy a pick up truck anymore for personal use if not this is probably the better way to go because of through for people and you get more peddling. So as far as cargo Toyota included a tailgate that doesn’t flop down it’s kinda comes out slowly them as many of the tricks as you’ll see say in the 2009 F150, that’s coming which has a drop down staff to get in postal hold onto a split. That extender in the back and you can even get another step to the side as for the band itself it’s about 6.5 feet long. In this extended cab version if you had the crew cab I it would be 5.5 feet long again you’re losing utility for more inside space at the end of the tailgate here it’s about 8 feet long in this once he could carry building supplies in the crew Max they would be hanging off the edge.

Now you can see the problem right here at these Chicago gas prices a full tank in this Toyota tundra comes $216.16 obviously buying a full size pickup truck is a bigger commitment than ever before you gotta make it count now happens at this powertrain the 4 by 4 with the 5.7 liter V8 is not recommended by Consumer Reports anymore because of reliability problems that is not true of the Ford and the GM pickups. So you got to take a really hard look at what you want to make sure you compare the latest from all the different manufacturers before making your decision. For additional information on this car or any other good and our blog kicking tires.

Dodge Durango review

Dodge DurangoHi I’m Kelsey Mays for here with the Dodge Durango SUV with 3 rows of seats has been updated quite a bit for 2014 well take it through what’s changed and talk about why the Durango combines driveability and utility pretty darn well. You may not notice a whole lot of differences from the outside on this 2014 Durango it’s sort of a nip and tuck job visually especially up front in fact there are more noticeable change especially thanks to this continuous band here LED lights, about 100 92 LEDs Dodge says up basically creates a continuous band of light here the draw similarities to the Dodge charger, and the Dodge dart both sedans here similar looking in back to the Durango. I’m kind of a slick approach especially when a lot of LED executions 2006 Dodge Durango headlights today still look like somebody strung up some Christmas lights on the car overall length of the Durango just over 201 inches overall with about 76 inches and that means the Durango’s pretty big even for its class of had a large 3 row crossovers nearly as large as the Chevy traverse which kinda tops the group for size now despite all of that overall the turning circle about 37 feet Dodge says that’s pretty small for the group so fairly maneuverable in tight spaces.

They got I think with those exterior dimensions the Durango is going to have a ton of interior room and well it’s merely competitive about 17 cubic feet behind the third row about 85 cubic feet with both second and third row fold in terms of maximum heart rate if you really want to cram an SUV full of stuff the traverse still leads the pack more than 115 cubic feet of maximum volume that pounding anyone’s gonna catch up with them anytime soon. Plenty of room up front here in our test car and pretty good cabin quality too materials are handsome along the dashboard upper doors are pretty consistent even all the way back to the second row doors now a major redesign of the center controls in the Durango here for 2014 is either a 5 inch or an 8.4 inch screen at the center it’s much better integrated than before it employs Chrysler’s you connect system which we continually like because it’s very fast response does not the most features but it gets things done very quickly it doesn’t incur a lot of lags you’re trying to press on the screens is also got gotta have it knobs down here for things like volume in stereo tuning.

Both the second and the third row seat succumb to lower the floors adults knees might be kinda appear near but legroom actually pretty good especially in the third row which typically a lot of 3 row crossovers is very tight headroom is excellent to me head restraints fold down here in the third row to clear up visibility all the way out and they do that with a button you can press up front from the driver seat and a nifty feature now the seats here they were quite a few degrees but they don’t go forward or backward so there’s no walk in the future to get into the third row which is a little bit more convenient than the way Dodge doesn’t here with these tumblers which is still one step. And there you go.

Driveability pretty good in the Durango there’s a too familiar engines for Dodge a 3.6 liter V. 6 or 5.7 liter hemi V8 both pair with a new 8 speed automatic transmission this year 8 speeds can sometimes be a little bit indecisive because they’re so many gears they have to choose from but this one actually functions pretty well with smooth upshift and rapid kicked down the lower gears when you need to on the highway there’s enough power in the V6 a lot of power in the V. 8 maybe not as much as a 3.5 liter ecoboost V6 in the Ford explorer but still plenty of power here in the Durango there’s an eco mode with either engine and it produces a little bit of accelerator lag for the V6 but not so much for the V 8 now despite our RT test cars 20 inch wheels and sport suspension ride quality pretty good in the Durango on the highway it’s fairly quiet and fairly stable to.

There’s impressive capability to depending on what you need if you need to tell you something the V. 6 Durango tops out at an impressive 6200 pounds EPA combined gas mileage is 19 to 20 miles per gallon pending on driveline that’s pretty competitive with this class now the V8 ups that to 7400 pounds of maximum towing capacity but you pay for the pump with EPA combined ratings at 16 or 17 miles per. Couple other cabbie outs exist the 2011 to 2013 Durango had a bit of a checkered reliability history and this car has yet to be tested in the insurance institute for highway safety’s new small overlap frontal test anyone concerned about I the area might want to wait a year or so to see how it does I gotta say though apart from all that a pretty solid choice in the Dodge Durango in this crowd.


You begin your installation lift up the bottom of the rear seat. Lay out the seat cover on top of the receipt and tuck it in or around. Turn seed over and double up the elastic straps. With the hopes provided. Attach them to dissent to bar under the sheet. When you’re finished. But the rear seat. Bottom back in its original position. Pulled down the back of the rear seat.
Car seat covers
Lay out to seek cover and secure in the rear Car seat covers with a large caloric strapping clamp as shown here. Then secure the elastic straps to each other in a crisscross fashion with the metal hoax. When all are secured. Put the seat back in the original position. Remove rear headrests and using a sharp pair of scissors carefully cut a hole smaller than the rubble replaced the grommets that are under the posts of the headrests. Lifting up the grommet pushed immaterial under the ground very neat fish. Repeat the steps in the other seat. Attached elastic straps in the same manner that you did for the first seat.

In a crisscross fashion. Hold back the rear seat. And 3 sheets to have a full down lever again carefully cut a hole Shmona then the lever housing. Push the fabric under the housing is shown here. You do seem fresh sheets that have seat belts covers coming out of the seats. Catch the headrest covers as shown. Here the in store owner is cutting a hole for the other end of the seat belts. If you cut carefully and don’t rush. Take your time and you will have a professional look to your seats.

Tesla Model S P90D with Autopilot, 2016 review.

Tesla Model S P90DWhen you bought into the idea of electric causal not it is impossible to ignore how Tesla has disrupted the market and after the successful launch of its model S. it is far from rested on its laurels. True it looks much like any other model less but is the P90D . 90 day it is in fact the most advanced version yet. How advanced. Find out. First thought eases Jude electric motors so is full will drive while the 90 killer out battery is for the time being at least the most powerful  available. House with. Any more less the P. 90 day has plenty of room for 5 adults could likely. Just about not had read with this Sunraysia place on 511 and. Yeah just about a kite plus. Thought for a fair person the middle help play this flap flow and also as a big victory. It’s so big and fat beacon even specify a couple of jump seats in the debate to turn the Midwest into a 7 seater.

Troy ludicrous mode. All yes ludicrous knight another trick of the P. 90 days. Sleeve. Which uses it operated small fuse to boost the battery packs current I mean you can get from north to 62 miles an hour in just 2.8 seconds. Quicker. For that you can think a total of 751 horsepower from the 2 electric motors. What you don’t quite get there is the sense of luxury and build quality that you have an Audi BMW or Mercedes over this giant internet enabled touch screen is still great. I. What the P. 90 also does is increase the molasses range. 23 30 miles about 6 percent more than the P. 85 day. This call also uses itself web version 7. Includes. The typewriter. I. That’s right the Tesla is now driving itself using sensors to monitor its surroundings including of the traffic and road markings I controlling steering accelerates outbreaks. For the time being this is about as close to a drive list because you’re going to get if you hold the steering wheel briefly and indicate.

Do I trust it Democrata do actually provided I’m always ready to take control and that is I never used on the mice away. It’s away from the motorway though that the P. 90 D. pulls off its real party trick. Okay side ludicrous might select it. Brace yourself. And. No. Will work out does know the 60. It’s a 0.8 seconds boss of the McLaren F. one I’m with nothing but a bit of road and wind noise to accompany it. Wow. I. Well it like this on the model S. will use up its range in about 120 miles life is a brilliant way shutting off. Given in a more conventional manner it remains a pretty convincing caught rights well the steering is accurate I’m this looks of grip. It isn’t gonna trouble Mercedes or BMW engine is anytime soon book for a first attempt at building a car from scratch the model X. is deeply impressive. Tesla supercharging infrastructure is still in development but mind they are effective and you can find them taking just 20 minutes the safety of the battery at 80 percent based.

Failing that you can always toss the car at home I’ve not using a war books at which point the model S. will also download any idea updates saving you having to visit the dealership. Of course an electric car isn’t going to see everybody on it 86000 pounds the P. 90 D.

Gasoline engine with a particulate filter.

particulate filterMercedes-Benz’s engineers have developed a new filter to hold the smallest particles in the exhaust gases of the petrol engine.

Gasoline engines of latest generation with direct fuel injection, despite the low level of CO2 in the exhaust emit more than harmful particles, including carcinogenic, than previous generations of engines. Such particles can easily penetrate into the lungs of man and have a negative impact on human health.

Mercedes-Benz engineers propose to solve this problem by installing an optional particulate filter. The effectiveness of development will be confirmed experimentally in the laboratory for two years.
The first “experimental” car with a new filter will be Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which at the beginning of next year will survive the planned restyling.